The Path to Level 90!

After only two days, Mists of Pandaria has already seen a huge resurgence to the online presence of Continental Types’ members!  It has been exciting to see so many people online and enthused about the game and the new content it now contains.  We are well on our way to regrouping our raiding team, and the following dedicated members, who have earned the distinction of leveling to 90 faster than everyone else, are a big part of the reason why.

Congratulations to Safron, Continental Types very first Level 90 character! Safron logged in as soon as the expansion went live, and spent all his time leveling (smartly, with small sleep intervals) until 6:44 p.m. on Wednesday, September 26th, when he dinged 90!  That’s right, folks, our guild of mostly adults with jobs and “real lives” still had someone efficient enough to hit the new level cap less than 48 hours after the expansion release!

As Safron is not only an officer, but also one of our most dedictated raiders, this puts Continental Types in a great place to kick off our Mists of Pandaria success!


We’d also like to congratulate each of the following guild members for being the first of their respective classes to hit level 90!

  • Death Knight:  Glycol
  • Druid: Vaeirn
  • Hunter: Dindria
  • Mage:  Safron
  • Monk:  Ipmon
  • Paladin:  Belldandy
  • Priest:  Marcayle
  • Rogue:  Oorogueoo
  • Shaman:  Jps
  • Warlock:  Thyler
  • Warrior:  Mechanic

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