CT’s New Tabard Design

May it go down in history that CT was not idle during our self-imposed raiding break before the Cataclysm expansion.  Oh no, we were very busy…designing a new guild tabard!

What started out as a contest quickly became a collaborative effort among those who frequent the forums.  Many design options were submitted, and after the designs were accumulated, the guild voted on both the icon and the color scheme over the course of several weeks.

And so, without any more nonsense, I present to you the tabard design chosen by popular vote by CT members to represent our guild in Cataclysm:

CT’s New Tabard Design

Paladin class lead, Uglaay, gets the credit for first proposing the compass as the icon for our tabard, although many guild members soon submitted compass designs of their own after seeing Uglaay’s.

In submitting the design, Uglaay said he liked the compass because “we come from all over the world.  Mostly from the U.S., some who are/were in different countries, [and] I think it fits nicely in that aspect.  Also, you can think of the middle of the compass as sort of the meeting point of all of us.”

Well said, Uglaay! And as the world can now see, the guild agreed!

Unfortunately, no one proposed a rationale for the winning color scheme that is worth repeating. Although I must say that Qy’s color scheme looks great!

CT’s New Tabard Design

CT’s New Tabard Design

Thanks once again to all of those who participated in the tabard design contest.  It was a ton of fun! And to those of you CT members who didn’t visit the forums during the contest period, shame on you!! 😛

CT members can visit the Picture Gallery to see all of the designs and color combinations that were submitted, and by whom.

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