Loot System

After experiencing multiple loot systems, our officers are sold on the values of a Suicide Kings loot system. Here is what you need to know.

About Suicide Kings

“Suicide Kings is a loot distribution system for guild raiding. Suicide Kings was designed to be a system that distributes loot in decently fair manner, and nothing else.” – WoWWiki

How it works

To start, a list is generated with all raiding members randomly inserted into the Suicide Kings application. This is a one time action, as the generated and eventually altered list is carried forward from that point on. Once the list is in place, any new members whom are invited to a raid are inserted at the bottom.

While in a raid, when a piece of gear drops, the eligible member highest on the list will have priority. If the gear is taken, that member is “suicided”. If the gear is refused, it becomes available to the next highest member on the list, and so on.

When a member is “suicided”, they are moved to the bottom of the list of members in attendance, thus moving the members in attendance up one position. If a members is on the list but not in attendance, they do not advance on the list.

If a member misses a scheduled raid and does not post about their absence in advance on the forums (or discuss the absence with an officer in the case of an emergency), they will be “suicided” to the bottom of the list due to lack of attendance.  If a member posts about their absence in advance, the member’s suicide position remains the same.

Why we like it

We feel there is no better way to distribute loot quickly, fairly, and evenly. It benefits the guild as a whole when upgrades are distributed amongst us all. This system typically doesn’t allow members to gear up faster than others (of course we cannot control the items that drop), and due to how fast the system works, it penalizes members for passing on upgrades while holding out for that elusive epic item.

When it’s used

Suicide Kings is used for scheduled raids, with officers reserving the right to use the list for non-scheduled events in which the majority of list members were involved; world bosses, dungeon clean-up, etc.

Transparency & safety

For transparency, the list is synced amongst all the officers, and available to be displayed upon request. Raid attendance and loot issued will be posted in the guild forums after raids. As a safety precaution, not only does each officer have a copy of the list, the list is also backed up on a nightly basis.