Recruitment for Legion has begun!

Continental Types has begun our recruitment for Legion. We’re looking to jump right into the action once Legion releases by leveling and getting to the first raid as soon as we can.

If you’re interested in joining our close group as we have fun throughout Legion please apply here:, be sure to register to the site using your in-game name as well.

We’re currently looking for all classes, and all roles!

If you have any questions feel free to message me here, online (Batsamson), or one of our officers: “Oorogueoo”, or “Snuffpriest”.

We look forward to hearing from you!

(A link to our recruitment post:

The Path to Level 90!

After only two days, Mists of Pandaria has already seen a huge resurgence to the online presence of Continental Types’ members!  It has been exciting to see so many people online and enthused about the game and the new content it now contains.  We are well on our way to regrouping our raiding team, and the following dedicated members, who have earned the distinction of leveling to 90 faster than everyone else, are a big part of the reason why.

Congratulations to Safron, Continental Types very first Level 90 character! Safron logged in as soon as the expansion went live, and spent all his time leveling (smartly, with small sleep intervals) until 6:44 p.m. on Wednesday, September 26th, when he dinged 90!  That’s right, folks, our guild of mostly adults with jobs and “real lives” still had someone efficient enough to hit the new level cap less than 48 hours after the expansion release!

As Safron is not only an officer, but also one of our most dedictated raiders, this puts Continental Types in a great place to kick off our Mists of Pandaria success!


We’d also like to congratulate each of the following guild members for being the first of their respective classes to hit level 90!

  • Death Knight:  Glycol
  • Druid: Vaeirn
  • Hunter: Dindria
  • Mage:  Safron
  • Monk:  Ipmon
  • Paladin:  Belldandy
  • Priest:  Marcayle
  • Rogue:  Oorogueoo
  • Shaman:  Jps
  • Warlock:  Thyler
  • Warrior:  Mechanic

Congratulations Dindria & Aquadora! Realm First Herbalist, Alchemist & Miner!

A huge Continental Types shout-out and congratulations to our raiding brother duo of Dindria and Aquadora for their Realm First Profession Achievements!

Realm Herbalist

Realm Alchemy

Realm Mining

These two are about as dedicated as it gets around here, and they proved it by getting a Realm First achievement just shortly after Mists of Pandaria was released.  We are proud of you both and glad to have you as part of the CT family!  

The cool details:










Dindria achieved Realm First Herbalist approximately 1 hour after the expansion was released live — in other words, sometime between 1:00 and 1:30 a.m., Tuesday, September 25.  He was then able to quickly use those herbs and speedily level up Alchemy, for another realm first!  

When asked whether he planned to go for realm first achieves, Dindria stated that he didn’t plan on it, but when the expansion went live, there were “just so many people questing the starting area, I just started to herb, and when I was about at 590, I just went for it!”  Double props for wearing the Continental Types tabard while doing it!

Only a few moments after Dindria achieved Realm First Herbalist, his brother, Aquadora, on his alt Elalorana, dinged Realm First Mining!

We are super proud of both of these guys, and think it is an awesome way to start off the new expansion!

Firelands Is Upon Us!

The new Firelands zone and raid is here, and Continental Types is ready to take down Ragnaros and his fiery crew!


We successfully completed all of the prior Tier 11 normal raid content, and our raiders are prepped and eager to conquer Tier 12.  And, with Patch 4.2, we now also have new dailies, quest lines, reasons to log on…. exciting times, people, exciting times!

Make sure to check back with us frequently to see our progress through the new boss encounters.  If you would like to join us as we raid Firelands, we are always accepting thoughtful and thorough applications from eager-to-raid individuals.  Apply here!

The Path to Level 85!

This is a little late since I took a very nice holiday break skiing in Colorado….but better late than never!

A huge, massive congratulations to Shiftkey for being our very first member to hit 85! Shiftkey logged online as soon as the servers were up, and, if my sources are correct, was the only guild member to not log off/take a break until he dinged his last level.  Talk about perseverance!

And to top things off, not only did he hit 85 first, but he was a dominant presence online for the weeks following, and has been fantastic about healing in our guild heroic runs!  If you see him online, make sure to give him a big pat on the back and a congrats for all of his hard work!

Shiftkey, our resident Worgen Druid and first to hit 85!

It wouldn’t be fair to not also mention the other guild members who were close on his heels with leveling; all of whom have done a fantastic job of contributing their time, energy and skills as we’ve leveled:

Uglaay was our second guild member to hit 85

Glycol followed close behind with his own 85 ding!

Our first level 85 characters:

  • Death Knight — Glycol
  • Druid — Shiftkey
  • Hunter — Ryful
  • Mage — Mysticdragon
  • Paladin — Uglaay
  • Priest — Docroe
  • Rogue — Omegadeath & Oorogueoo
  • Shaman — Ronto
  • Warlock — Payshyntz
  • Warrior — Ripply

And a final thank you to EVERYONE for being around, questing, having fun, raiding, and generally making this guild fantastic.  It’s because of you all that we are now a Level 9 guild and fast on our way to Level 10 and beyond!

We Now Return to Our Original Program

Happy New Year dear reader! Continental Types is well rested and refreshed, and back in action after taking time off for the holidays. It was certainly tempting to get back into raiding once we had the numbers, but with the holiday season upon us, the additional stress to the lives of our members seemed unnecessary. With the holidays now behind us, and a virtual buffet of raids and bosses presented before us, it’s time to dine!

CT’s New Tabard Design

May it go down in history that CT was not idle during our self-imposed raiding break before the Cataclysm expansion.  Oh no, we were very busy…designing a new guild tabard!

What started out as a contest quickly became a collaborative effort among those who frequent the forums.  Many design options were submitted, and after the designs were accumulated, the guild voted on both the icon and the color scheme over the course of several weeks.

And so, without any more nonsense, I present to you the tabard design chosen by popular vote by CT members to represent our guild in Cataclysm:

CT’s New Tabard Design

Paladin class lead, Uglaay, gets the credit for first proposing the compass as the icon for our tabard, although many guild members soon submitted compass designs of their own after seeing Uglaay’s.

In submitting the design, Uglaay said he liked the compass because “we come from all over the world.  Mostly from the U.S., some who are/were in different countries, [and] I think it fits nicely in that aspect.  Also, you can think of the middle of the compass as sort of the meeting point of all of us.”

Well said, Uglaay! And as the world can now see, the guild agreed!

Unfortunately, no one proposed a rationale for the winning color scheme that is worth repeating. Although I must say that Qy’s color scheme looks great!

CT’s New Tabard Design

CT’s New Tabard Design

Thanks once again to all of those who participated in the tabard design contest.  It was a ton of fun! And to those of you CT members who didn’t visit the forums during the contest period, shame on you!! 😛

CT members can visit the Picture Gallery to see all of the designs and color combinations that were submitted, and by whom.