Congratulations Dindria & Aquadora! Realm First Herbalist, Alchemist & Miner!

A huge Continental Types shout-out and congratulations to our raiding brother duo of Dindria and Aquadora for their Realm First Profession Achievements!

Realm Herbalist

Realm Alchemy

Realm Mining

These two are about as dedicated as it gets around here, and they proved it by getting a Realm First achievement just shortly after Mists of Pandaria was released.  We are proud of you both and glad to have you as part of the CT family!  

The cool details:










Dindria achieved Realm First Herbalist approximately 1 hour after the expansion was released live — in other words, sometime between 1:00 and 1:30 a.m., Tuesday, September 25.  He was then able to quickly use those herbs and speedily level up Alchemy, for another realm first!  

When asked whether he planned to go for realm first achieves, Dindria stated that he didn’t plan on it, but when the expansion went live, there were “just so many people questing the starting area, I just started to herb, and when I was about at 590, I just went for it!”  Double props for wearing the Continental Types tabard while doing it!

Only a few moments after Dindria achieved Realm First Herbalist, his brother, Aquadora, on his alt Elalorana, dinged Realm First Mining!

We are super proud of both of these guys, and think it is an awesome way to start off the new expansion!

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