The Path to Level 85!

This is a little late since I took a very nice holiday break skiing in Colorado….but better late than never!

A huge, massive congratulations to Shiftkey for being our very first member to hit 85! Shiftkey logged online as soon as the servers were up, and, if my sources are correct, was the only guild member to not log off/take a break until he dinged his last level.  Talk about perseverance!

And to top things off, not only did he hit 85 first, but he was a dominant presence online for the weeks following, and has been fantastic about healing in our guild heroic runs!  If you see him online, make sure to give him a big pat on the back and a congrats for all of his hard work!

Shiftkey, our resident Worgen Druid and first to hit 85!

It wouldn’t be fair to not also mention the other guild members who were close on his heels with leveling; all of whom have done a fantastic job of contributing their time, energy and skills as we’ve leveled:

Uglaay was our second guild member to hit 85

Glycol followed close behind with his own 85 ding!

Our first level 85 characters:

  • Death Knight — Glycol
  • Druid — Shiftkey
  • Hunter — Ryful
  • Mage — Mysticdragon
  • Paladin — Uglaay
  • Priest — Docroe
  • Rogue — Omegadeath & Oorogueoo
  • Shaman — Ronto
  • Warlock — Payshyntz
  • Warrior — Ripply

And a final thank you to EVERYONE for being around, questing, having fun, raiding, and generally making this guild fantastic.  It’s because of you all that we are now a Level 9 guild and fast on our way to Level 10 and beyond!

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