September Raider of the Month: Dunzou

Continental Types is proud to honor our September Raider of the Month, Dunzou!

September Raider of the Month: Dunzou

Dunzou is a man who, much like his in game character, is shrouded in darkness and mystery. He is one of Continental Types most unsung heroes; happy to do his part and help the guild all while asking for nothing in return. He’s been with the guild nearly since its creation and shows up to as many raids as he possibly can despite a constantly changing work schedule. On the nights that he isn’t working he routinely tops the dps meters and is the enemy and envy of all of our other top performers. Quietly hidden as he is in the shadows, it can be easy to overlook him in our raids. You’ll never see him make mistakes or ask questions or cause conflicts; he just shows up and rocks out.

What many people don’t know about Dunzou is that when he’s missing raids because of his job, he is actually performing a much needed and most honorable public service: making ice cream cones. He’ll deny it if you ask him, but Dunzou personally makes every ice cream cone sold in America today. So next time you defeat a raid boss or eat ice cream, make sure you stop and thank him (double bonus if you defeat a boss while eating ice cream).

The Raider of the Month isn’t selected by the officers of CT but by popular submission from our members. Along with their nominations, these members include their reasons why they feel this person has earned Raider of the Month. Here is some of what they said:

“I nominate Dunzou because he has super dps, never causes problems or complains, always has a good attitude, and always follows the rules and posts about his absences.”

“I’m nominating Dunz until he gets it!!!”

“He is good spell caster dps and pushes me to defeat him”

“He’s fabulous and a much better priest than Doc…”

“The dude just kicks so much freaking a–“

September Raider of the Month: Dunzou

The Dunzou, in his natural habitat

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