August Raider of the Month: Zemos

Continental Types is proud to honor our first ever Raider of the Month, Zemos!

August Raider of the Month: Zemos

Joining CT in January 2010, Zemos has steadily become one of our most solid and dedicated raiders. Whether he’s tanking our 25s, assisting his fellow Druids as Class Lead or helping us plan out strategies for boss fights, we know we can always rely on our fuzzy little bear. He has proved himself  to be an invaluable asset to our raids and has led us to victory time and time again.

The Raider of the Month isn’t selected by the officers of CT but by popular submission from our members. Along with their nominations, these members include their reasons why they feel this person has earned Raider of the Month. Here is some of what they said:

“He is just so fuzzy.”

“He’s a great raider. An overall good person and always has positive things to say and useful feedback to help progress.”

“He’s always positive in a non annoying way.”

“He is my husband and i luvs him”

“A great player and an excellent class lead.”

“Without him I don’t think any of us would be carrying the Slayer title.”

“Bears with rocket packs on their butt are irresistible.”

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