Ulduar – General Vezax down!

Ulduar - General Vezax down!

Well, that didn’t take long. I think we spent more time planning than we did actually killing Mr. Vezax. Took an attempt to figure out we should call out Searing Flame interrupts, and once that was handled he ended up being quite a pushover.

We made our way over to Sara/Yogg to get our first look our first look at the encounter. Adnachiel figured out that you pretty much cannot venture into the room at all without starting the encounter, so thanks to him for that ;). We only had about an hour left in the raid, so we got some phase 1 attempts in… looks to be one of the most challenging things we have encountered, so that is exciting. Great job Continental Types, we are so close to the finish line!

Another screenshot in the full post.

Ulduar - General Vezax down!

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