Blizzcon 2009

Continental Types had a bit of a presence out at Blizzcon 2009 this year with Dousk, Hakizi, Marcaile, and Zhuangzi all attending. Marcaile had to make the longest trip, traveling more than 1400 miles! This was the second Blizzcon experience for Dousk and Hakizi, both having attended Blizzcon 2007, and the first experience for Marcaile and Zhuangzi.

Aside from the massive initial lines to get into Blizzcon (badge line followed by the line before the opening ceremony), and some standing-room only panels, the conference was a blast with a lot of great announcements from Blizzard and playable demos of all their upcoming games and content.

After the conference we were able to have a gathering with a couple additional Continental Types members, Sacrednight and Sgtatarms. We met at Joe’s Crab Shack for a noisy but fun dinner, and at the suggestion of Sacrednight, followed up with some Italian ice from a place also called Joe’s (unintentional coincidence on the names). The Italian ice turned out to be a big hit and we ended up spending a couple hours there enjoying delicious the crazy italian ice flavors, good company, and Disneyland fireworks in the distance.

Thanks to everyone who made their way out, and a special thanks to Sacrednight for handling the arrangements.

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