Dulce types

Continental Types has been raiding with Dulce Bellum for about a month now. We have been helping each other out in 10man content, and as of last night, working together on 25man content… specifically Heroic Ulduar (Flame Leviathan down). Our experiences with Dulce Bellum thus far have been fantastic. I’ve never met another group of like-minded individuals, with such a great core of players, who are also so easy to get along with. In the various raids we have put together over the last month, we have seen that, together, we are most definitely capable of knocking out 25man content, and are probably wasting our time doing anything else!

Therefore, I am very excited to announce that Continental Types and Dulce Bellum have merged into one. We have been very fortunate to cross paths, and since we get along so well, it only made sense that we join forces to better facilitate our adventures. We will continue to operate under the Continental Types name, and we will be actively recruiting to fill our most glaring needs.

Welcome Dulce Bellum, we are excited to have you!

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