Highmaul: Heroic Kargath Bladefist down!


After clearing 6 of 7 on normal in the first two weeks, we decided to try Heroic Kargath Bladefist to cap of our raid night this evening. It only took us a couple tries to work out positioning, then we were able to get Kargath down and notch the first heroic kill of this new expansion in our belt.

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It’s Highmaul Time We Raid!

Yes folks, it’s that time again… after one of the longest bouts of downtime this guild has ever faced, it’s finally time to raid again. A new raid is upon us, our raid core held strong over the break, and Warlords of Draenor has brought many grizzled old faces back out of retirement looking to raid, which is exciting! Continental Types is looking forward to raiding again, and as always, we will share our progress here!

Siege of Orgrimmar: Heroic Norushen down!


Raiding has died down a bit; we have been working on achievements, farming the final few boss of Siege of Orgrimmar using alt saves, taking some time off. But on this night we had a full crew working on a full clear and decided to give Heroic Norushen a try. It took a few attempts to coordinate a portal order, but once we found the right combination we knocked him out.

Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider


Things are winding down as Siege of Orgrimmar is on farm and we wait for Warlords of Draenor to arrive. We don’t have an overwhelming urge to tackle heroic mode content at this time, so we have taken this opportunity to clean up outstanding Siege of Orgrimmar achievements in order for us to get our mounts.

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